Lübbinchen wind farm

In addition to the existing photovoltaic and biogas systems at Lübbinchen, intense planning is under way for the erection of a wind farm. The aim is to utilise the potential of the region over the long term in order to create clean and emission-free green energy. The wind farm is being developed in collaboration with a successful wind energy developer who operates all over Germany, whereby the erection of 10 to 13 wind turbines is being planned. The first hurdles have already been cleared, meaning that the detailed planning can now begin. Both the public and local politicians are closely involved in the planning, since added value for the entire region be only be created if the parties work together. In the medium to long term, the wind farm also opens up other perspectives with regard to energy use, for example, excess energy can be efficiently used for the synthesis of green hydrogen.

You can also find more information on our joint project page www.windpark-lü